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Welcome to the training: JavaScript object-oriented programming language

Part I: Object and environment and JavaScript

JavaScript object oriented programming language: object and JavaScript


JavaScript is an object-oriented language, and in practice you can say that everything in JavaScript is an object (well, maybe almost everything :)). JavaScript must work in a specific environment, usually in a web browser, based on two foundations: BOM and DOM - more in the next JavaScript lesson. Each JavaScript environment should provide a global object, in the browser it is an object: window.


JavaScript - OBJECT - definition


In programming, an object represents a single entity: physical or abstract. Take, for example, physical existence: a dog - it has some: features - breed, color, name, state of aggression, etc. - called in ACTION programming actions - bark, sleeps, walks - called in programming METHODS

Ot and the whole definition of a JavaScript object, but also an object in the sense of other programming languages.


Let's practice again, now on a virtual form:

The warrior object has:


type of warrior, warrior's equipment, eye color, hair color, clothing, skin color


runs, throws thunder (maybe Zeus ??), screams loudly, rests, sleeps, eats, charges his power


We can write it in JavaScript - some examples of features and methods:

var warrior = {

name: "Gromowladny";

hair_color: "light";

utilities: "grom_prosty";

say: function () {

return 'My name is' +;



In this way, we created a simple, sample JavaScript object.

JavaScript on the internet is based on one very main window object and on two models:

BOM (Browser Object Model)

Browser Object Model - supports the behavior of external devices for the browser and the parent object for the browser

JavaScript, or the window object.

DOM (Document Object Model) - Document Object Model

DOM is a standard managed and developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It has several levels (0-3), which are implemented to different degrees by browsers.

Thank you along with JavaScript for your attention

I invite you to the next part of the training:

JavaScript object oriented programming language

 The next part - already in the first week of March :)

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