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Website traffic statistics

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Website traffic statistics

One of the most important, fundamental tools of every web developer are traffic statistics on his website. Creating a good website or portal and posting data on the server these days is not enough. Each project should be thought out, starting with the idea, writing the code and ending with the promotion. As specialists say, what plan to do this followed by website traffic statistics.

Let's focus, however, at the last stage. In my opinion, the website traffic statistics app is as important as a good wrench or a hammer for a good professional. If we want the promotion to be effective above all, we must use a hammer.

Even ten years ago, the most common tool on every page was the so-called "visit counter". A simple application measuring statistics of website traffic - presented the number of visits to each page. However, it had a lot of flaws, and actually it was one big flaw. First of all, it "filled" the list of visits through each entry or page refresh. And it's actually over. No details of website traffic statistics.

The idea survived and luckily it was developed. Currently, statistics applications allow you to see the most important information about site popularity - website traffic statistics, such as:

  • number of visits
  • number of unique users
  • average time on site
  • attitude of new visits to returning visitors

These types of website traffic statistics are necessary data for any self-respecting company that implements e.g. a marketing campaign.

The number of visits is one of the factors illustrating the popularity of a given project. However, the number of unique users shows how many people were really interested in the topic. However, let's stop at individual users. For me, every user is a target unit with a value of one, which is why their more insightful knowledge is a key element of the success of any project.

Today's website traffic statistics applications present what is most important, namely:

  • number of visits from each country
  • number of visits from each town
  • the language used by internet visitors to the site
  • browsers they use to display the page
  • operating system
  • and even a service provider - from whom they "buy the Internet"
  • what mobile devices they use
  • what screen resolution they have set

For the designer, the promotion specialist or the supervisor of each project, this information is necessary. Why? 

See the next part of the series: Website Traffic Statistics.



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